Robe DMX Control 480

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DMX Control 480™ (nieuw in doos) oude voorraad zonder garantie

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DMX Control 480™ (nieuw in doos) oude voorraad zonder garantie

The DMX Control 480 controls up to 20 projectors with a maximum of 24 DMX channels each.
The range of 750 scenes, 255 programs with 50 scenes each and 100 records with 50 program
combinations offers an incredible flexibility when creating shows. The timing function in each
program enables precise control and coordination with the music.The DMX Control 480 enables
also the remote configuration of some Robe projectors. 32MB Multi Media Card allows saving
created shows.

Electrical Specification

Wiring options: 230V or 115V, 50/60 Hz
Mechanical Specification

Height: 77.5 mm (30.50″)
Width: 482 mm (10″)
Length: 173 mm (68.11″)
Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)

Control and Programming

Realtime control of Moving heads and Scanners
Total 480 channels, 2 DMX Outputs
Control 20 projectors up to 24 channels each
20 Fixture Groups
750 Programmable Senes
255 Programs with max. 50 steps
100 Records with max. 50 steps
20 Programmable Chasers with adjustable speed
100 Projectors in Library (50 Projectors are user definable)
16 bit precision control of PAN and TILT movement
LCD backlight display with adjustable contrast and backlight
Sliders for direct control of light intensity during running scenes, programs and records
Parallel running 2 scenes, programs and records
Continually adjustable Step time and Fade time
Macro functions ? Color and Gobo values can be assigned to the buttons
User definable system default settings
2 encoder Wheels for smooth control of PAN and TILT movement
Microphone music control facility
Remote configuration, control and programming of projectors
Security Code protection
Desk Lamp societ
32 MB Multi Media Card ? which allows saving recorded scenes, programs and records.
MM Card contains 60 banks, possible to save 750×60 scenes, 255×60 programs, 100×60 records

Rack size: 19″ 4U rack mountable

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