Mccauley 6326

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Mccauley 6326 (2 stuks beschikbaar prijs per stuk)

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Single 10″ 550W / 250Hz – 1.6kHz

The 6326 10″ transducer is an high performance woofer designed to reproduce midrange frequency material. The 6326 features a sealed-back design, ideal for isoloating the midband driver from other components in a small 2-way or 3-way system where sub- compartments are impractical. The 6326 also utilizes a smooth-surfaced, high-effieciency, carbon fiber cone structure to reduce distortion in the critical midband range.

Performance Overview
Freq. Response (-3dB) 250Hz – 1.6kHz
Low Freq. Response (-10dB) 200Hz
Recommended Enclosure Volume 0ft³ 0L
Power Handling (Program)
Full Range 550W
Power Handling (AES)
Full Range 300W
Max Peak SPL
Full Range 132.771dB
Max Continuous SPL
Full Range 126.771dB
Full Range 102dB
Thiele Small
Free Air Resonance (Fs) 300
4Ω DC Coil Resistance (Re/Dcr) 6Ω
Effective Piston Area (Sd) 53.4in.²
Excursion — Max BL (Xmax) 0.032in.
Volumn Displacement (Vd) 1.68in.³
Inductance of V.C. (Le) 1mH
BL Factor 20Tm
Effective Moving Mass 0.027kg
Nominal Efficiency 0.076%
Flux Density 13500 gauss

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