set van 2x 18 Sound XR1496 hoorn 1,4 inch

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set van 2x 18 Sound XR1496 hoorn 1,4 inch

Eighteensound XR1496 hoorn 90 x 60 graden

1.4 throat inch entry
Aluminum construction for excellent heat transfer
Uniform on-axis and off-axis frequency response
90° x 60° horizontal and vertical constant coverage
Very low distortion at high sound pressure
Improved compression driver cooling
Rotatable structure

The XR1496 has been designed in order to obtain a smooth
frequency response maintaining constant coverage and directivity
pattern, and avoiding the midrange narrowing effect as well as high
frequency beaming problems.
With a throat entry of 1.4 inch, the XR1496 has been developed to reach the optimum
performance when it will coupled with 1.4 inch exit Eighteen Sound high frequency compression
The low pressure injected aluminum construction brings the following advantages:
– thermal: aluminum horns are capable to reduce up to 30°C the steady state compression
driver working temperature at full power, when compared to an equivalent size plastic horn.
This reflects in a lower power compression ratio (down to 1dB) as well as higher driver power
handling (30% higher);
– mechanical: no need for any mechanical support for the compression driver (like brackets),
avoiding the issue of horn resonance with optimum waterfall and impulse system behavior.
The XR1496 maintains nominal 90° Horizontal x 60° Vertical pattern control, providing
consistent on-axis and off-axis frequency response from 1,2kHz to 16kHz in both horizontal and
vertical planes.
Horn directivity is constant down to 1,2kHz

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